Today we did the thesis workshop…

What is a thesis?
-It is usually one or two sentences long.
-It is the road map for the rest of the paper.
-It is contained within the introduction paragraph.

We were asked to answer a question he posted and them answer who we felt would agree and disagree with our answers the most. Here is what I wrote:
Q: What should the purpose of prisons be?
A: The main purpose of prisons is that they should be a place where the mind is rehabilitated, through extensive therapies, outreach programs, and post-prison job placement with follow-ups.

Q: What characters would be the most and least sympathetic? How would they answer the question above?
A: The philosopher that would agree with me the most would be Bentham. He would say the every individual is important that that as long as the outcome remains a positive one, then there has been overall success. The person that would disagree with me the most would be Melford and his idea of how prisons actually work.

Here is the thesis I formed from the questions above:
-That prisons should focus on outcomes, rather than temporarily solving the problem at hand. Prisons need to take a pro-active approach in order to help rehabilitate the individuals in order to lead better lives than that which they came from.

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