The movie that was assigned was about this rich has it all man Juda, and a guy who was nothing in a bad marraige and is very unhappy Cliff. Juda has another women who he as been seeing for 2 years. The other women wants to tell Juda wife the truth between Juda and her but Juda doesn't want that. the reason Juda doesn't want that is to him, it will disgrease her wife, and the his friends will not talk to him no more. What Juda does is call his borther who gets the other women killed. Now Juda can't go to sleep, he now belives on what his father has said, that God is always watching.

Cliff get haired by his wife brother, who is a famous TV show producer, to make a flim about him. While making the flim a women working for Cliff's wife brother strates to talk to Cliff and both of them have felling for each other. The then is that Cliff's wife borther also likes this women. What does Cliff's wife brother does is take her to the Europe to make a film.

When the women that Cliff liked came back, she was going to get married with his wife borther that Cliff never liked. In a party Cliff and Juda met up. Juda starts to tell a muder story to Cliff and Cliff doesn't like how it end. Juda muder story in the murderer not going to jail and not having bad dreams of the women died. That the muderer is some what happy in the end.

In class we talked about why some people felt like it was more wrong for Juda to cheat and have an affair but wasn't so wrong for Cliff to try to have an affair. A lot of people were cheering for Cliff and wish he would have ended up with the girl, but I think people felt that way because of the relationship he was in, his wife was mean and they didnt have a physical relationship anymore. I think it was worse for Juda to have an affair cause him and his wife had a good relationship and he was living almost a double life. Plus Cliff was planning on leaving his wife, Juda was not.

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