We Have Only Indirect Duties to Animals

  • animals are not rational
  • "they are not self-conscious eings capable of grasping the momral law."
  • the onley reason animals are here is "merely as a means to an end."
  • we humans should still respect animals becacuse how we treat animals reflects how we going to treat human beings.

Carl Cohen
Why Animals Have No Rights

  • Animals can't exercise or respond to moral claims
  • Animlas can't "comprehend rules of duty, governing all including themselves."
  • they can never commit a crime
  • Animals can't recognize their own interest and what is just
  • Animals can't stop how humans treat them because they don't have a free will
  • useing animals in medical investigations cause them pain, but it is wroth it becuase of the result out sizes the pain of the animal to humans

Animals Are Machines

  • Animals can't use speech to tell us or other kind what they are thinking
  • Animlas might be able to do things better then humans, but a wacth can tell time better then a human. It is becuase how the animal or wacth was made. what the object is made up of.
  • Animals don't have a rational soul
  • Animals don't think what it's going to do like human it just does it.
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