By Ryan Jozsa

Kant says that all of the duties that we have do not come in conflict
Ross says that all of the duties that we have do come in conflict

Hypothetical Imperative If you want/will x,then do y.
-Kant and the Greeks believe in one thing, that if you want to be happy you need desire and nurture
-Human beings can use reason to structure our lives

Categorical Imperative The rule I use to construct moral maxims

  • Maxims are a principal or a rule that one follows or duties
  • Not a duty

1.Act only on those maxims which you can will to be universal laws

  • Applies to everyone, at all times, in every situation
  • Similar to the Golden Rule and Christian morals

1A. Laws of Nature-all inpairatiffs of nature
2.Ends-in themselves (Respect Others)

  • All humans are entitled to happiness even if they don't achieve it

4.Autonomy (self governing/self rule, giving oneself the law)

  • Heteronomy (rule by someone else)

3. The Kingdom of Ends (Kingdom of Heaven)

  • Act like you are already part of this end utopia
  • Duties never conflict because in the end utopia, bad things will never happen

-Prima Facie Duties-at first glance (on the face of it)
-Actual Duties

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