-Kont-duties never conflict with one another
-Kont-whats important is your intentions
-Hypothetical Imperatives=an "if"(Happen in chunks)
-If you want/will x, then do y
-Kont believes that everyone should be happy and that they should have plans to get there
-Humans have self and situational reasoning skills to structure our lives animals do not
-Categorical Imperative-the rule I use to construct moral Maxims.
-X, than do Y
1. Act only on those Maxims which you can will to be universal laws
1A.Laws of Nature
2.Ends in themmselves(Respect Others)
4.Autonomy(self-governing/self rule giving oneself the law) Heternomy (Rule by someone else)
3.The Kingdom of Ends (Kingdom of Heaven)
-Prima Facie Duties at first glance (on the face of it)

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