Kant is a Deontologist that thinks all lying is immoral. He believes you should not lie even if the truth leads to someone being murdered. A lie is something you present to be true when it is not and you want to deceive someone.

Constant thinks Kant doesn't lie because the person deserves the truth.

reductio ad absurdum—the refutation of a proposition by adopting that proposition and showing it leads to absurd consequences.

  • when you pretend something is true for the sake of arguing the statement is false and point out the extreme, absurd things the statement supports.

Bullshit is saying what you want and not caring that it is a lie

  • Society has accepted that Politicians and TV commercials do this

Trust is necessary for society. Without trust in other humans, we would not survive.

  • We trust that people will obey the traffic laws and not crash into us on purpose
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