Group 6 Notes:Yellow Book(liss)

1. Lem Altick - Character in story who is selling encyclopedia's..Winds up witnessing a murder (Bastard & Karen) which leads him into a world of trouble he would rather not be involved in. Lem must cooperate w/ the assassin or the assassin will frame him for the murder.
2.Melford Kean (the assassin) murderer of Bastard & Karen..He believes in ideology and doing what is just. He felt Karen & Bastard were bad people so he killed them. *Melford wouldnt let Lem eat meat because he thinks that torturing and eating innocent animals is cruel & unjust. Why should an animal have to die for us to eat. He believes its apart of ideology, People says its okay to eat animals so people do it.
3.Bastard & Karen - Two people who were killed at the house Lem was selling the encyclopedia's at.
4.Gambler Gambler is the Boss of the Encyclopedia company & is involved in a lot of dirty work outside the business
5.Jim Doe - Crooked cop who looks good as if he is doing just but is actually not, works with the Gambler in comminiting alot of dirty work. Jim doe murders Laurel inside Karens house.
Laurel-Karens mother who is murdered by Jim Doe
Desireeonce a women strung out on Crank until B.B came along and cleaned her up and took her into his home, she is like B.B's assistant.
B.B owner of the Encyclopedia company. He appears to have much money, came along way compared to his past (he grew up on a stinky farm with his mean grandpa) B.B spends time mentoring boys and seems to have a thing for boys (pedafile) but will never admitt it
Ronny Neil, Scott & Kevin the other 3 guys on the Ft. Lauderdale encyclopedia selling team. *Kevin was pretty quiet, easy to forget he was around. Ronny & Scott are more loud & obnoxious, always clowning around, very rude.
Bobby like the Captain of the Ft. Lauderdale team. Very good at selling encyclopedia's.

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