March 24th notes (Latesha Webb)

Q.What Sorts of beings (entities/individuals) do i need to consider to make an ethical decision? [For ethics what kinds of things matter?]

Today in class we continued to talk about the treatment of animals.
We talked about Anthropocentrism -which is when the only thing that matters ethically is humans.
Anthrop - human being


  • Strong- All ethical duties are only to human beings
  • Weak- We may have duties to non-human things but only because they matter to humans

A strong believers in Anthropocentrism would not care about Global Warming as to Weak believers do care about Global Warming, not because they care about the earth, but mainly because it effects us human beings.

Kant (late 1700s)
He believed that animals don't matter on their own, but they way you treat an animals judges what type of heart you have & he believed that if your just cruel to animals it may lead to even more cruelty towards other things even humans.

Cohen (late 1980's)
Animals can suffer, thats not important..still use them for food and other resources for humans..but animals shouldn't have an unnecessary suffering.

Kant (Late 1700's)
We talked bout how the philosopher felt like Animals have to moral reasoning and they can not understand rights. A animals is amoral they can not be immoral as compared to a murderer.

Descartes (early 1600's)
He is a strong anthropocentrist. He believes the mind is what suffers not the body and only humans have minds. Animals are just machines so they cannot suffer.

Singer (1970-present)
Animals are equal to humans. They suffer, and anything that can suffer matter. Animals have the same rights as humans.

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