-Ethics is the investigation of how we ought to live
-One of the basic goals of ethics is to help people live together successfully
-Many of the problems one may incounter ethically like sustaining friendships, raising children, selling, or providing other with information can present us with important dilemmas that have serious consequences.
-Would or would you not tell a friend if someone is cheating on them?
-Should you steal a book from the store because you dont have the money?
-If it was your first year in college and you got your girlfriend pregant would you get an abortion?(all these questions are examples of ethical problems)
-Ethics is used to solve moral problems
-One way to get help in solving ethics is to learn about ethical theories but there are other sources of help as well.
The three ethical theories are 1) standards or guidelines for determining good and bad or right and wrong 2) justifications for using these particular standards 3) differentiations between what is and what is not morally sifnificant.

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