Cmpgroup7environmental Ethics Response Group 7

Environmental ethics is the moral relationship between humans and the environment. The way we treat the environment is based our moral perception. It is hard to determine whether certain issues are morally wrong. Is a farmer cutting or burning down a part of a land for farming morally wrong?
Several responses were made in the 19th century about the way humans treat the environment. The environment should be respected and Muir and Leopold stated their opinions about protecting the environment. “That land is a community is the basic concept of ecology, but that land is to be loved and respected is an extension of ethics (Leopold).” It is our moral duty to take care of the environment that we live in. Land is something that is to be respected.
We have to identify ourselves with human nature. To respect and to care for ones “Self” is also the same as respecting and caring for the environment. When we treat the environment with respect, we feel better about ourselves.
This relates to our class because environmental ethics is how humans and nonhuman things interact. It can be compared to animal rights and how we treat animals. Animals deserve respect as well as the environment. We need to use our morals when we interact with the environment. It is important to treat it well. Deontologists determine whether something is good or bad based on the outcome. Consequentalists consider value or goodness before rightness towards the environment.

1. Land is an important aspect in the environment, how would you respond if the land around you was badly mistreated?
2. Is it beneficial in the long run to use or ruin part of the environment?
3. Why do people not treat the environment with respect? The environment is very important and cannot last forever.

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