hypothetical imperative: if you want/will "x", then do "y"

reason backwards
education successful happy
(good family life)

Animals can't do this (reason).
-they just have instinct and desire to get needs.
works well for them.

categorial imperative: the rule one uses to construct
moral maxims (rules or principles).
- if you want/will "x", then do "y"
l-- does not apply —l (ONLY do "y")

rules that should apply to everybody

1) act only on those maxims which you can will to be universal laws (applying to everyone, at all times, in all situations).
1a) laws of nature
2) Ends-in-themselves (respect others)
4) Autonomy (self-governing/self-rule/giving oneself
the law)
Heteronomy (rule by someone else)
3) The Kingdom of Ends (Kingdom of Heaven)

Prima Facie Duties: at first glance (on the face of it)
Actual Duties

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