Crimes and Misdemeanors

Judah- rich eye doctor, has it all including a wife-Miriam, and a mistress-Delores. Delores wants him to leave his wife, who seem to be doing okay, and he can't so he calls his brother and kills Delores.
Cliff- unhappy, bad marriage- Wendy, has "nothing".
Cliff does a show for his brother-in-law Lester. While on set he falls for a woman-Haley. So does Lester, so he sweeps her off to Europe to do a film, and when they come back they are engaged. Cliff is sad and depressed, sitting alone meets Judah at a wedding.
Judah starts telling him his murder story, which Cliff thinks is "Hollywood". Then Cliff feels that the person should turn themselves in. Judah starts to wonder why God let him get away with the murder.

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