Principle of Utility


Acting only for pleasure
(Epicurus believes in simple pleasures like jogging, instead of short term pleasures like drinking.)


Denying oneself pleasure, therefore feeling pain.

Bentham believes:

  • In utilitarianism.
  • A murderer or rapist does not deserve to die, for he believes in rehabilitation.
  • Punishment should serve a purpose.
  • Punishment depends on three factors:
  1. Offender has to do something evil.
  2. Offender has to do the crime intentionally.
  3. Someone has to think your guilty.
  • The principle of asceticism is opposite the principle of utility.
  • Outcomes matter more than intentions. (Utilitarianist)
  • The Hedonic Calculus (which he created)

Hedonic Calculus

Is essentially a scale that measure the amount of pleasure you get from something. The scale is based on six factors:

  1. intensity
  2. duration
  3. certainty
  4. propinquity (proximity, when I will get it)
  5. fecundity
  6. purity
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