Body & Mind:

  • Descartes says it does not matter what you do to the body, but what you do to the mind.
  • They say animals do not have minds (which they define as a soul, for dualist mind = soul.)
  • Animals are essentially machines.
  • Say that animal suffering does not matter at all.

  • Descartes is a strong anthropocentrist, while Cohen is a weak anthropocentrist and Kant is in between.
  • Specism- The belief that a particular species is superior than another.
  • Singer argues that specism is just as bad as any other "-ism". (racism, sexism, etc.)

*Singer says the way we treat animals is unjustifyable. It matters on its own terms.
*Utalitarian- you need to justify why you eat meat.

Anthropocentrism: only thing that matters ethically is humans. (Anthropos = human being)

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