Steinbock- what's wrong with Adultery?

1. Generally laeds to broken promises.
2. Generally leads to deception.'
3. Lacks the deep intimacy necessary for a good marriage.

Men have always done it, woman are catching up.
Not forbidden. Eskimo culture share their wives with visitors as a sign of courtesy. Adultery is a private matter, but it is not morally neutral.
It can produce unwanted pregnancies, and or sexually transmitted diseases.
When you get married you make a commitment to be faithful to one and only. Adultery breaks this promise. This indicates lack of concern, willingness to cause pain, lack of love, and lack of trust.
Deception comes into play because you lie about where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with.
Some people, however, choose to have open marriages. No commitment, no broken promises, no expectations. Some say this choice is not better, just different.
Sex is intimate. Feelings of love and affection result from sex. Without theese factors it is superficial and inadequate.
Affairs lead to families being neglected. Sexual activity is not necessary for deviation from an ideal marriage. Falling in love with another is a betrayal, but we can't control how we feel, but how we act.

  • Kant believes sex is selfish & is only ok in the context of a monogomis life-long relationship.
  • Difference between Kant & Judio-Christian ethics is Kant does not act off what God says.
  • McMurtry- The problem is not people cheating, but in marriage because it is a form of ideology.
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