Liss cahpter 13-26
Desiree realizes that she needs to make some changes in her life. She wants to leave B.B. but is torn by loyalty.
The Gambler tells B.B. that there are problems and the money is missing. So B.B. and Desiree go to FL to figure things out. The Gambler also decides he wants to take over for B.B.
The Gambler questioned Lem about what he knew about karen and Bastard and why they changed their mind about the encyclopdias, but Lem knew it was about more than that.
After another conflict with Ronny Neil and Scott, Lem has breakfast with Chitra. They are getting to know one another.
The Gambler and Doe meet to discuss what happened and where could the money be. The also have suspicions of each other setting the other up. B.B. ease dropped on the whole conversation and B.B. wants his money. The Gambler also feels B.B. is distracted and doesn't have his head in the game.
B.B. tried to get some young boys to get ice cream with him. They repeatedly told him no, and he persisted until a lady by the pool threatened him.
Lem and Melford were driving around passing time. The whole time Desiree was following Lem. They stopped to eat and Desiree introduced herself to them and started asking questions. She and Melford really hit it off, and Melford does not feel threatened by her.
Lem and Melford went to the pig farm to check things out. They are in search of the third body found in the trailer. They want to search the lagoon to soon realize it is a waste dump. So Melford decides to show Lem how the pigs were being treated to prove his ways. The pigs were locked in cages with absolutely no room to move. They were hungry, scared, full of tumors and wounds, and pumped full of drugs. Even seeing it with his own eyes, Lem has a hard time believing it all. Ideology still holds strong in his mind. Melford even calls him "the walking poster child for ideology."
Lem starts towards the car and gets caught by Doe. Doe roughs up Lem a bit, and just when Lem thinks he's done for, a sheriff shows up to save him, thanks to Melford. The sheriff has deep suspicions about Doe and wants Lem to press charges, but he refuses.
Lem sneaks into the Gamblers room to investigate, and reads that he is connected to B.B. Gunn, who owns the educational Advantage Media as well as a livestock wholesaler.
B.B. crank calls Doe and tells him that The Gambler is setting him up.
Lem gets caught by Bobby coming out of the Gamblers room. Then he meets back up with Melford.
Melford has Lem go door to door to ask about Karen and Bastard. He finally has luck with a neighbor who informs him the third body is more than likely Karens mom. Then she becomes quite secretive.
When done he meets back up with Melford and Desiree is back.

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