Steinbock is a anthropologist thats has views that are right in the middle of Kant and McMurty

*She is against adultery because you have broken a promise
*She is not against open marriages
*You should always be faithful

The ideal of marriage and exclusivity for women was from years ago. When property ownership was a form of status and rank, males wanted an heir to give their property to and needed to procreate. However the sexual exclusivity was really the responsibility of the woman to make sure that the heir was actually theirs. Men and husbands would depend on their spouse to remain faithful, but this didn't apply to the man.

Sexual Expression is fundamental to who we are.

Virtue Ethics are characteristics that you have

Ann Benedict (anthropologist)
*Sexual behavior is funneled by society
*Cultural Relativism views that ethics are your views on society
Every society has certain rules that govern sexuality….but it varies form culture to culture.

Review of 30 days TV Show

Main Characters
——>Ryan, Ed, & Penny Nixon

Ryan- Straight guy lives with a gay man named Ed for 30 days
*Thought to being gay meant he was going to e damned to hell
*(Fundamentalist,Protestant Christian)
*Black/white, right/wrong answers to life. There's an easy way to understand
Background—-> From Upstate Michigan, army reserve, thinks that all gay ppl may be flamboyant

Ed- Gay man lives in San Francisco now, originally from rural part of Cali.
*His family were all cowboys.
*Not super effeminate
*Urban gay man

Penny Nixon- Mostly gay congregation, a lesbian

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