Group 8
Lecture Notes for February 22, 2010

1. Punishment
• Is when doing any act that causes harm, when it is done so in any intentional form.
• It is also when you are found guilty.
2. Bentham says that punishment is used to show others what happens if you do something against the law, and are found guilty.
3. Rehabilitation
• Is punishment that is supposed to help them in the long run.
4. Bentham says that intentions matter more than outcomes.
• This is actually a false statement.
5. Principles of Utility
• Nature is a principle.
• Pain.
• Pleasure.
6. The reason for pain.
• We feel pain so us humans can learn from dumb mistakes
7. Selling drugs
• Selling drugs only makes min wage as a low level guy
8. Hinduism
• Acts for their pleasure
9. Epicurus
• Means you will live a healthy life
10. Asceticism
• They try and deny themselves pleasure
11. Hedonic Calculus
• Intense, Duration, certainty, purity

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