Emily Winner-—Today in class we finished up the book The Etical Assassin

We talked about the two topics of animal mistreatment that this book covers:
1) Meat eating
2) Medical experiments

*In his book, Liss brings about this question:
—When is it acceptable to use animals for experiments?
>Singer and Decart would say it's not acceptable
>Cohen and Kant would say it's okay

*One of the important scenes in the book takes place in an animal research lab. Being apart of an Animal Rights organizaion, we find out that Melford's main reason for breaking into the lab it so take pictures as evidence that these animals are being treated poorly.
-Lem and Desiree wanted to free all the animals, but why doesn't Melford want to free them?
-Melford doesn't want to free the animals becuase he says freeing them won't help them at all. These animals are already sick to the point where they are about to die. They won't survive even if they are freed.
>Melford is applying a Utilitarian logic: He wants to end animal suffering, but he knows that taking pictures as evidence will
help them more than freeing all of them
*He thinks that him killing Karen and Bastard will stop animal suffering because they are te ones that still the pets.
—-Lem wants to take a least one dog out of the research laboratory and free it. Why does he want to do this? He knows Vivian (Karen's neigbor lady) will take good care of it.

We also did some anonymous clicker questions through out class:

1) Should they have freed the animals from the research laboratory?
>The majority of the class said No, for utilitarian reasons (melford would probably choose this answer)

2) Who wins the prize for being the worst in the book?
> The majority of the class chose Bastard or Jim Doe

3) Was Melford justified for killing Karen and Bastard?
> Most people said No
> The same question was asked, but we had to answer like we were talking about real live vs. a story; and it was a Tie between
Yes and no

4) Did Karen and Bastard deserve to die?

ANOTHER TOPIC WE DISCUSSED IN CLASS WAS: what was the ultimate reason Melford killed Karen and Bastard?
—-Ultimate reason is because they steal people's pets and give them to the research lab; Melford believes he is changing things for
for the better by killing them for stealing pets.

—-Why doesn't he kill them for being involed with drugs?
>Someone else will just step in and take their spots in the drug business, so it's not effective to kill them for that.

—-Why doesn't he kill them for raping kids and being a whore?
> Those kids and people are already hurt…killing them won't make them better, so it's won't be effective to kill them for that.

—-Why don't the cops care about stealing pets?
>They have bigger things to worry about; many people believe that stealing a pet is no different than stealing someone's ipod
(which isn't as big of a crime compared to drugs and murder)

*BB: -The brians behind the whole operation; Is attracted to little boys, but we never really know if he does anything with them
- The encyclopedia business acts as a front to sell the drugs
- The hog farm acts as a front for a palce to make the drugs
>These 2 fronts are like Ideology, and Lem realizes this by the end of the book—they seem innocent without actually
being innocent

*Jim Doe:- Greedy cop;portrays himself as good
- overall bad person; doesn't care about anyone but himself
-Pigs end up eating him in the end

*Gambler: - gets framed for killing Bastard in the end
- has a disease that takes lots of mone to take care of

*Melford: -We lean he is a reporter and he is friends with the girl Jim Doe tried to rape in the beginning
- He wanted revenge for all the people who are cuel to animals becuase of what happened to him as a kid; but he doesn't
think he is motivated by revenge, he is motivated by justice

*In the beginning of the book, Melford asks Lem why we have prisions? By the end of the book, Lem realizes that the answer is so that we can make more corrupt criminals. It's like "changing the purpose to fit the solution"; we might say we have prisions to rehabilitate criminals, but we know that a criminal comes out of jail as a worse criminal, but it mustbe working for something, so what does putting people in jail do? PUtting criminals in jail makes more prisons and it works for changin people so thatthey can't change the system.

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