Feminist Ethics By Ronnie

Veronica Edwards
6 April 2010
Philosophy 2400 Sec 001
Professor Allred

Women in Feminist
I found this article very informative. It really discussed a lot of ethical feminist approaches and themes. One of the themes discussed was the historical background of feminist ethics. This section started off discussing the being era of feminist approaches to ethics. This era began during the eighteenth and nineteenth century. It started with five different women addressing topics to women morality. All of the women addressed interesting theories, topics, and opinions. However, a lady by the name of Charlotte Perkins Gilman stood out the most to me. She brought up the concept that ears are tuned to male and not female moral voices. I totally agree with her. I feel like people always agree more with males when it comes to making decisions. She also did an abortion study. In her study she broke the woman decision process into three different thinking levels. Gilman really shows the way females think and analyze different issues.
The other part of the article discussed care-focused feminist approaches to ethics. This section of the article has an emphasis on parts on the care-focused feminist. It points out the theorized male-female difference which talks about how men develop faster than males in all areas. Then it compares and contrast two feminist and their theories. This article also express status-orientated feminist approaches to ethics. It talks about women who have different views in political ideologies. All of the women are for women rights but this section just puts their opinions into factor with their political class.
The conclusion, in this article expresses that care-focused and status-focused feminist do not impose a single normative standard on women. However, they analyze how different structures such as race, gender, and class affect moral decisions.

The topic that I decided to compare my subject with animal rights. There’s a section that discusses ego-feminists and their animal care theory. It talks about how feminist animal care theory is a critical response to utilitarian and rights-based animal ethics. A lot of people fail to see non-human animals on their own terms with unique preferences, needs, and realities. This relates to feminist because they present an argument for ethical treatment for non-human animals. It also makes a good point stating that if we as human slaughter our animals for meat then we shouldn’t eat it. However, we’re willing to sacrifice animals for our own happiness. It’s a very sad statement but it’s sadly true. Humans treat animals as if they’re unimportant and non-living.

Interesting questions for more research
1. If all feminist are pro-women, why are there so many subtitles to being a feminist?

2. Why are there so many disagreements within feminist?

3. Do male political figures really take feminist serious and they bring up their opinions?

3. Answer By: Bobbie Linen The answer to this question is yes many men comment on the questions that they feel relate to both sex. Being a feminist is a way of expressing yourself and being heard.

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