Jeff Piotrowski

-I did my paper based off this topic, so this is the abridged version.

Marx sees idealism as a problem of not addressing political and social problems of economic standards. Thus he has to rise above idealism to get at what he calls materalism, which requires a realization of the forces put on the community and the ability to acheive resuslts. Feuerbach, who focuses his idealism on overcoming religion, still embraces a sense os seunsousness in the ideal. This for Marx then leads to the inability of Feuerbach to overcome his idealism and come into alignment with materialism. This creates a barrier, in which Marx argues Feuerbach will never reach the material becasue he will always continue to use the ideal to understand things. And this prevents him from making real change as he will not be able to achieve materialism practicality in revolution of society.

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