um march 22 notes

Kant and Fichte-Subjective Idealism= Subject comes first.

Wissenschaf= Science.Systematic Knowledge. Organized Knowledge.

Science from Scio meaning: To know.

Kennen= Acquaintance.

Bildung= Form. Education. Culture.

Spirit Preface

Every Moment has purpose toward end.

What is the neccessity of the thing.

We must take neccessity out of what happened.

Subjects and Object
Subjects are that of which predications happen.
Objects are predicated.

After things happen, they are easier to process and understand.

Everything must happen twice. Spirit is a slow learner.

Cow Digestion Metaphor.
Something happens or the cow eats grass and vomits it up and we explore the thing. It happens again which is equal to the cows final digestion of the cud and reflection.

How do we give sense to neccessity?

Sublation: Lifting up and pulling together beyond mere existence.

Speculation:Taking a stance outside of spirit.

Actuality becomes neccessity through dialectic.

Negate the negation to come to stronger reflection.

Things happen in the world and we try and make sense of it. We make a story to describe the events that happen and make sense of the world.

In order to think about world, you have to be able to seperate yourself from it.
For example: Animals cannot seperate themselves from circle of life.

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