Mini Research Questions

How did Baumgarten's use of the term aesthetics differ from Kant's?
How did Spinoza influence German Idealism
Who was Friedrick the Great and how did he influence German intellectual life
What are the 12 Categories in Kant? Why do they matter
What is the schematism in Kant? What is its relationship to the imagination
What is the Transcendental Aesthetic?
How does Kant's theory of the kingdom of ends fit in with the teleological direction of his writings on history
Is there a difference between the noumenon and the //ding an sich//
What is Kant's objection to the British moralist's reliance on moral feeling
In what sense is not lying the fundamental demand of Kantian ethics
What contributions did Kant make to liberal political philosophy in general and the social contract in particular
What elements of Rousseauian philosophy influenced German Idealism and how
What were Jacobi's objections to Kant and how did they influence the direction of German Idealism
How does Reinhold's account of representation differ from Kant's theory of cognition, and is it necessarily foundationalist
To what extent was German Idealism influenced by orientalism
How did Schiller build on Kant in his Letters on the Aesthetic Education of the Human Being
How did Fichte's Address to the German Nation fit into the situation of Germany at the end of the 18th Century
How did Fichte's Address to the German Nation influence German nationalism in the late 19th century
What does Novalis mean by monology
What influence did the study of Greek antiquity (cf. Winkelmann, Burkhardt) play in the development of post-Kantian philosophy
How was Holderlin influenced by Kant?
Why did Holderlin's philosophy turn to ancient Greece?
What does Holderlin mean by the //Vaterlandische Umkehr// (return to the fatherland
What did early Romantics mean by //hen panta///
How did Schleiermachian biblical hermeneutics develop out of Kantian thought and how did they influence the direction of religious scholarship
How has Hegel's reading of Antigone influenced subsequent feminist thought
What does Hegel mean by the notion of right?
How did German Romanticism influence British Romanticism
How did Schelling's Naturphilosophie try to respond to Kant and Fichte
How did Kierkegaard's studies in Germany influence the direction of his philosophy
How did Kant's use of the term transcendental influence the transcendentalist movement in America
How did Kant influence the development of American pragmatism
How did Hegel influence the development of American pragmatism
How did Kant influence Schopenhauer
Who were the Cambrdige Idealists and how were they influenced by Hegel
How was Josiah Royce influenced by Hegel
How did Kantian aesthetics influence the philosophy of aesthetic formalism (cf. Hanslick, Fry and Bell)
How did the Kantian notion of genius influence the subsequent development of art
What other radical philosophies was Marx competing with and responding to with the theory of communism
How does Feuerbach help explain the bridge between Hegel and Marx
How did Marxist feminism (or second wave feminism) use Marxism
[[[GILeftRightHegelianism|What is meant by left and right Hegelianism
How did French lectures on Marx and Hegel in the 30s (cf. Kojeve, Hippolyte) influence existentialism

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