Group 5 300 Word Paper On Empathy


The word Empathy gets it’s linguistic roots from the Greek, However, the concepts of Empathy are recent. The concepts of Empathy had it’s philosophical heyday during the 19th and 20th centuries. Empathy is thought of being the primary means of gaining knowledge of other minds.

Psychologist Edward Titchener (1867-1927) introduced the term Empathy into the English language in 1909 from it’s translation of the German term “Einfühlung” (or “feeling into”). however, it was Theodor Lipps (1851-1914) that not only influenced and inspired Titchener’s work of Empathy. Lipps scrutinized Empathy in the most through manner. Lipps transformed Empathy from a concept of philosophical anesthetics to the central philosophy of social and human sciences.

Lipps main concept of Empathy and also his claim that Empathy should be understood as primarily epistemic for our perception of other persons as minded creatures. Characterizing the inference from analogy consists of these steps

Another person X manifests the behavior of type B

In my own case behavior of type B is caused by mental state of type M

Since my and X’s outward behavior of type B is similar, it has to have similar inner mental causes. ( it is thus assumed that I and the other person are psychologically similar in the relevant sense).

Therefore; the other person’s behavior (X’s behavior) is caused by a mental state of type M.

Lipps does not argue against the inference from analogy because of it’s evidentially slim basis, but because it does not allow us to understand it’s basic presupposition that another person has a mind that is psychologically similar to our mind.

In conclusion, the term Empathy is relatively new to the English language it was introduced back in 1909 by Theodor Lipps. Theodor Lipps took the term Empathy and translated it from German to English from “Einfühlung” to “feeling into”. even though the term Empathy is relatively new to the English language philosophers and psychologists have been examining the term for centuries many believe the term Empathy should be known a sort of study to the human mind how we care and feel for those around us.

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