Group 5 300 Work Paper On Moral Responsibility

Moral Responsibility

The article defines moral responsibility as "when a person performs or fails to performs morally significant action", and the reaction is usually people either praise them or blaming them for the outcome of the reaction. The comprehensive thoery of moral responsibility has four parts to it; such as 1) the main idea of moral responsibility; 2) actually being a moral agent; 3) all the conditions going on; 4) all possible objects of responsiblity accredited. Aristotle was the first philosopher to construct a theory on moral responsibility. Aristotle felt that praise and or blame should only be given if and only if the action is voluntary; and the two ways it would become voluntary was there were control conditions and the person must be aware of what he or she is doing at the time. The recent work on the concept of responsibility is sum up into two views, the merit based view and the consequentialist view. P.F.Strawson believed both views were wrong, Strawson felt that holding someone morally responsible for something was based on the person's personal relationships or their feelings in other words. Most theorist agreed with Strawson and his theory, others twisted it a little but i believe the discuss on moral responsibility will almost be uncertain. There are way too many conditions and variables for one to decide if its moral or not and this article proves that with all the different views and theorys.

1) whose right Aristotle or Strawson or neither
2) will the moral responsibility theory ever be proven
3) Is moral responsbility just one of those things in life that comes from within someone

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