Group Assignment Starting Points

In each group, one member should pick a different essay to focus on. They should create a page for their essay in their group and write a short (300 or so word) explanation of the article in their own words.

They should then write a short (100 or so word) explanation of how that article ties into themes we've talked about in class

They should then write three questions that they have after reading the article and applying it to class that you think could direct future research.

Plato's Theory of Ethics
Aquinas's Ethics
Nietzsche's Critique of Ethics
Millsian Utilitarianism
Ethics and Computers
Clinical Research and Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Feminism and Ethics
Business Ethics
Moral Anti-Realism
Kant's Political Philosophy
Kant and Hume Debate on Morality
Morality and Evolutionary Biology
Responsibility in Ethics
Moral Psychology
Justice as a Virtue

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