How Rights Tie Into What We Are Studying And Questions I Have About Rights

The article of rights ties into the fact that in class we talk about people’s opinions, and how they had their own opinion on how they thought they should their own right on how to handle tough situations. Rights also have to deal with when we talk about deontology and the reason why we act that way. We get mad at things because our rights got abused, and divine command theory is when we should live by what the bible says and do the right things. Yes this is right but we still have some things that make doing the right thing hard to do. Rights I feel like is one of the most important things that we talk about in class. Because we are always talking about how doing the right thing in this situation, and how would this affect our life.

Some questions that I would like to answer are. I don’t understand why just privilege, claim, power, and immunity is the only things they say have a lot to do with rights. I also don’t fully understand all the fully opposite attractions between all the elements of rights. I would also want to know what would happen if we did not have our personal rights, would our government control everybody, and how we act.

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