Feminist Ethics group 3 janai harrison

The article described a philosopher by the name Alison Jagger opinion about the female roles in society and what are we as women are looked as. She had five different customs which are :less concern for women problems disparate from men concerns, habitually women accommodate the domestic and family unit, females are not decently profound as men, masculinity is portrayed as independence , hierarchy, dominate and decease while women are depicted as expressive, interdependence, absences of hierarchy , existence and pleasure. Quantities of feminist Moral principles show importance to relation to women’s personality and actions, predominantly their personal affection to others. In distinction, other feminist ethicists cause attention to the opinionated, authorization, efficiency, and/or psychological reasons and effects of women's second-sex status. The goal for the majority of womanhood according to Jagger is the initiator of sex’s principles that aspire to abolish or at least revolutionize the domination of any assemblage of the populace but mainly significant for women. Mary Wollstonecraft was one of the first women to conclude that women and men can be equal in society. Women were deprived from lots of opportunity because of their stereotypic views. Wollstonecraft said there is nothing wrong with women that they cannot develop rational powers. She wanted women to become morally mature human beings. This issue was brought about in the 1800’s and in the 1900’s women were looked as more moral but less intellectual than men. Now as time progresses women are having more male oriented jobs while also succeeding.

How do this article relate to class……?

This article is relevant to class because Mary Wollstonecraft‘s idea of was to make the majority happy which includes women and it also looks the best for society. Likewise she is an advocate for utilitarianism. However even a utilitarian such as Bentham a murder or a rapist does not deserve to die. He is human and although he deserves some type of punishment he does not deserve to die. Bentham does not follow the principle of asceticism he prefers the opposite which is the principle of utility. Nor is Bentham a consequentiality he wants what is best for society and that is also what Wollstonecraft favors.

- Are women still looked as lower in men in today's society?
- Did Hillary Clinton make a statement for women by runnign for president? and how?
- What are some of the struggles that women in society still struggle with today? and do men hold these struggles against us?

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