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I don't know if I should put this here or not but, I will. :) Currently, I am reading two books, the first entitled 'ONE L: The Turbulent True Story of A First Year At Harvard Law School' by Scott Turow and the second book is about all the different, I'm assuming just the major, cases that the Supreme Court decided on and how those all affected American History, in chronological order. Would these books be good to read now?

Also, on another note, do you know of any other books I should read that would be good to help prepare me for law school? Thanks

I have a question….. I was wondering back to the Law school type thing. What do they look for when accepting you into Law school? Like do you need a lot of extra curriculum's and all the junk??????

This question is pertaining to our class…how are grades determined? There is no grading scale and it would be helpful to know what to change so we can improve.

Hi Allred I have a question, remember i asked if UT has logic or something class, that Randy Dixon told me about… what did you say they were called again??

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