The lecture on Monday was based primarily on the web and how the web effects us today.

  • The internet and copyrights
  • Your web "image"
  • The history of pirating

The real internet copyright problem began with napster because it offered a database for people to search in to which made the program illegal. Since the program was illegal it was soon after shut down made a legal program that is not very good. Programs then progressed to peer-peer sharing through programs such as napster or torrents that could be found on offshore websites such as piratebay. The idea of sharing material is not illegal so these programs can run legally but it becomes illegal when copyrighted material is put on to these sights which then downloads from hundreds of different people at a time so there is not one centralized copy. The music industry is driven crazy by this but since the companies are located in places like indonesia, india, and other places with very loose laws and lack the resources to stop the people it continues since the companies can not do very much about it. It progressed to the music industry compromising with Itunes to sell songs for a dollar so that at least some sort of profit was made and all was not going to piracy.

The web image of a person was shown when prof. allred Googled himself and saw the links and pictures that were brought up. The image could be very bad or really good depending on what is brought up. The image can beneficial or it can be harmful if negative things are brought up

Piracy has been going on ever since there has been the available technology to copy whatever the medium is. The problem before was that the copy was not as high quality as the original. Now there is technology to make copies that are just as high of quality and making the copies readily available. The hard copies of music has somewhat come to an end since the investment in .mp3 technology has soared and nearly all of the new media players can support .mp3's through either auxiliary cables, flash drives, or integrated hard drives. The music industry was two steps behind everyone else in the conversion which made the impact of piracy and copyright disputes that much more of an impact.

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