I gotta say today's lecture was quite a debate. And I guess you can say it was still on topic, but it is true. Judges are usually white older gentleman who still might have that racists views.
Here is an interesting article about President Obama's nominee for Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor. When she gave a speech and some people thought she said Latin Judges are better than white male judges: *** Ok i don't know how to make it so you can just go to it?
Anyways the question of knowing whether or not a person is of a certain race is an excellent question. The answer is whatever an individual believes it to be, like someone said in class it is just in the mind. One thing is sometimes people can't even tell what other people "race" is. Technical there is only one race, and that is human being race. Everything else is just people ethics and you can throw around culture to. But every one, well human beings are all very similar. I heard in a science class back in high school I think biology that people DNA are 98% the same it's. Because everyone has the essentials to live like the heart, lungs, kidneys, you know all the internal organs, then you got the external organs the skin and all that good stuff. But if you think about people are pretty much made the same. It's just that 2% that gives you the color of your hair, your skin, your eyes, it gives you the different body builds and maybe the family nose. But the point is everyone is over three quarters the same make so why does race matter. The answer is simply, people's perceptiveness's and it's wrong. What are the afarid that the different looking people may do better or may be smarter than you? I don't know, but it is not true.
Well check out the article it's kinda interesting and fits our discussion well :)
O the link does wrong GREAT!

While we are on the topic of race I would like to share with everyone a show I saw a while back. It involved 12 individuals who had never met each ohter before. They were all given a t-shirt to wear before they met each other for the first time. Six were given yellow t-shirts and six were given red t-shirts. When they finally got to meet each other they were placed in a room with two tables six chairs each and told to sit where they felt most comfortable. As you have probably guessed the six people with red shirts sat together and the six with yellow shirts sat together. This was a useful exercise that demonstrates just how comfortable or uncomfortable people are with others depending on their appearence, when in fact appearences are not everything. Race should be taught or maybe untaught would be a better idea at an early age, perferably in elementary school. Our children need a better understanding of what race is and where it comes from if they are not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

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