Lecture notes for March 17th

Thank God (or whomever you thank) for academic freedom. These views which am writing are my personal interpretation of today's class by Dr. Ammon Allred.
Today in LST we about the three different theories in law, Rousseau (General Will)/LOCKE (Autonomy). We discussed the dangers of the "tyranny of the majority". The United States is not a complete democracy. If it was the majority when it be convenient the majority would have the right to even take away human rights from individuals. The 19th amendment right gives women the ability to vote. Arguments against this right were very weak at the time they were given. Arguments such as a wife's vote could cancel out her husband's, or the husband already votes for the wife. These views contradict each other.
Is America a Christian nation according to the general will, yes.
In early America most lawyers were Royalists therefore they were exiled back to England.
Jackson is famous for being a President with an all White cabinet. However instead of being praised he should be incarcerated. It was under his presidency that the executive branch became as important as we know it to be in 2010. Originally congress was supposed to hold more power. Jackson caused the genocide of the Cherokee Indians. After being ordered by the Supreme Court not to send the native Americans to Oklahoma, he responded, "Let them enforce their order". He also was a populist. This also started a fifty year process of making treaties and not keeping them.
Nixon had a foul mouth, if you listen to the tapes this is evident.
Presidents over the centuries have ignored the supreme court, such as Nixon and Bush. However when the supreme court makes a ruling they tend to back away for a short time.
Black Water was created by republicans to do illegal things. People don't generally want to be evil unless you are Cheney who succeed. Advanced Interrogation is really torture.
By: Chaz Boes

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