Paper on Discretion

By February 2 at midnight, upload a paper that answers the following question:

What does Llewellyn mean by the strict and loose view of precedent, explain what the difference is between them and then analyze this idea his idea to an example from case law (you can use on the examples in the book, one of the examples we mentioned in class (such as Brown vs. Board of Education, Griswold vs. Connecticut), a current relevant example, or something that is of particular interest to you).

The paper still doesn't have to be super formal but it should be more formal (and a little longer) than the last one. We'll be expecting well put together paragraphs with clearer answers to each of the parts, but we won't be emphasizing overall structure quite yet.

Create a page with your first name and initial by copying and pasting the snippet changing the relevant parts:
Ammon A's Paper on Discretion
Andrea P's Paper on Discretion
Tim H's Paper on Discretion
Jen J's Paper on Discretion
Rachel R Paper on Discretion
Padraic's Paper on Discretion
Josh H's Paper on Discretion
Amber M's Paper on Discretion
Shelbi B's Paper on Discretion
Kris_E's paper
Matt M's Paper on Discretion

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