Chapter 19 dealt with dispute resolution with the first article being

The social organization of mediation in non-industrial societies

* This article deals mediation in small scale societies where there is either a peaceful resultion through the mediation of there will be violence or warfare.
* The mediation should occur immediately after the incident with both parties so that everything is fresh in their mind and the damages can be worked out so that it will not build.
* The mediators in these small communities know how to deal with disputes and they also know the families and people in the community.
*Dispute resolution in modern day urban America is not the same as it is in these small communities and does not work well because there are to many influencing factors that go into the resolution including the law, schools, families, and finally the community that is effected.
* Mediation is a great tool that should be utilized and built upon more in the US because just having one form of punishment is stupid and will eventually lead to overcrowding and people who are serving time who could have had an alternative like dispute resolution

Development and impact of victim offender mediation in the United States

*The article deals having the victim meat face-to-face with his or her offender and ask questions with a trained mediator present. The victim can ask lingering questions and clear their mind and getting things of their chest that they would have otherwise not been able to. The victim offender mediation began to develop in the 1970's with different programs.

Talking with the Enemy

* This article deals with two groups of people, one prolife and one prochoice, who decide to meet together and have dialogue about the issues. The meetings came together after a violent shooting at an abortion clinic. The people met for over 150 hours and talked fiercely about their view points although neither side was going to change their opinion. In the end the two different sides ended up have more respect for the opposing side but the views were strengthened because of the constant debate.

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