The reading for today's discussion was very interesting. I never thought the law was so flexible, where the judge has a very broad boundary. The reading and in class really was about the realists view of law which was said to be where the law is made by the judges. A case that the was in the chapter was very descriptive of how it kind of works. I liked the way it gave each judges perspective on the case with the 24 year-old Mexican American. And how the judges wanted to make sure the punish him but yet they were concerned with his well-being and wanted to help him with his problems. I think it would be stressful to be a judge. They are kind of like the parents of the parents of the U.S. Yeah, that is a good way to describe judges.
Then you have the lawyers, those are the sneaky children, where they have to understand the judge and learn how they judge and even a little bit of their background. This was an interesting concept I got from the reading for today, because if a judge hears a familiar noise, or sees a familiar look or anything that reminds them of either a pleasant or horrible experience that can affect they're decision on that case. So the lawyers have to "learn their judge" per say to know what angle they should approach at in the court to get their client to win or less time or money.
In the reading, what about the Queen v. Dudley and Stephens how really can Lord Coleridge be able to decide if the boy wasn't about to die? What if he was suffering or something and maybe Dudley and Stephen was doing the poor boy a favor and also every one else on the ship? How can they be appointed to death if they were not just being selfish? Because if you think about it, it said the boy was really weak and how would he have survived even if they saved him? I mean he would have had to get on another boat and sail to shore to a hospital, that's more time on a boat and that's not good news for a dying man. I do however, agree with what should have been done. They should have took a vote on who would do a sacrifice. Then just then the boy and the others maybe would have agreed that he Parker, that boy, was weakest and less to survive. Then no one would have been sentenced to death.
Now to the last section "Incarcerated America". The one thing I strongly agree with is the statement where jail time should not be so heavy on the drug abusers. One it takes a lot of money to have a jail and two our jails in the United States are getting so full we are running out of places to put people. So instead of putting the violent people on like probation why not just let the drug addicts out. And it really isn't to much of a surprise to hear that the majority of the drug addicts in jail are black. One people can be stricter on the African Americans than whites and it kind of has to due probably with the stereotypes. Because when you think of gangsters most think of ratty black males, and gangsters also people think of drugs. So it hand in hand, but definitely not saying it true or most blacks are like that, but it's just what people believe.

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