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Articles on Gay Rights:

An interesting thing about Maryland recognizing gay marriages from other states is that it begins to make what has so far largely been a state issue into a national issue…

This is an article more on statistics on gay marriage by state with a a really nice graph that illustrates some strike discrepancies.

This is a timeline of the American gay right movement, the last entry stating "On June 17, President Obama signs a referendum allowing the same-sex partners of federal employees to receive benefits. They will not be allowed full health coverage, however. This is Obama's first major initiative in his campaign promise to improve gay rights."

This article is posted on a website that is a proponent for gay rights, and the site in general has some really great articles. This article specifically addresses Proposition 8 in California and tells how it is unconstitutional and looks at it from a law perspective.

Here is an article about a Judge that is challenging President Obama on gay rights.,8816,1942791,00.html

Articles on Marijuana:

This is an article on the federal movement on medical marijuana although it is somewhat bias website the article is straight forward and states the facts. I found this interesting because the federal government has not been progressive towards legalizing medical marijauna at all from what i have read and seen.

In this article, it talks about a professor who is trying to do ressearch on the medicinal qualities of marijuana and how a judge suggested that the DEA allow him to grow pot so that he could supply his research. The judge's decision, however, is not binding.,2933,251707,00.html

This article is from Nov, 2005, and it talks about how in Denver, they have decided that "…adults 21 and older may possess up to an ounce of marijuana without penalty in the city". -
This article is very interesting and it's kinda recent well a year old. It's were the president addresses the subject of legalizing marijuana and how he think it will not be a good idea to grow the economy. There is also a video of Obama speaking about the issue :).

This is a web site dedicated to helping patients in Michigan receive medical marijuana for various illnesses. The web site is interesting and on the front page there is a portion set aside to explain how an attorney can help with any legal questions. I'm sure many will arise.

Here is an article about medical marijuana helping veterans after war.

Here is an article about medicinal marijuana from the Washington Post.

Medical Marijuana and Obama administration's enforcement:

Citizens United;jsessionid=2771D60C886DBA955658B0613D7B8144.w5?a=558387&f=77

Another interesting loophole in the supreme court decision that could allow businesses to anonymously donate to political campaigns.
Here's a small bit on a retired Supreme Court Judge, O'Connor, disagreement with the new laws passed on the citizen untied.
This is a very recent article on the court case in February with the Citizens united.

Here is an article from Campaign For Liberty about Citizens United

Jeffrey Toobin writes about partisanship in Supreme Court

Eugene Volokh argues against Toobin:

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