Rebecca Bandsuch Feminism Ethics

By Rebecca Bandsuch:
Feminist Ethics:
This article is stating that in tradition ethics it basically leaves out and neglects women. This is where Feminist Ethics come in. There are many different types of subjects that each feminist use. One is related to politics, legal issues, economics and others are related to behaviors and care giving. They all share the same goal: “The creation of a gendered ethics that aims to eliminate or at least ameliorate the oppression of any group of people, but most particularly women.” (Jaggar, “Feminist Ethics,” 1992). This article is very informative about the way gender equality has differed for many decades. These feminist in this article have really opened my eyes on the different aspects of feminism.
There are 3 main points:
1. Historical Background- This section was mainly about the feminist themselves and the history of traditional feminism. This section also states many questions that they have wondered about. Ex –Are moral virtues as well as gender traits connected with one’s affective as well as cognitive capacities, indeed with one’s physiology and psychology?
2. Care –Focused Feminist Approaches to Ethics- This section was about the care and nurturing of women. Example- Cooking, cleaning, etc.
3. Status- Oriented Feminist Approaches to Ethics- This section was about power and equality in society.
Overall, this article has many interesting thoughts and points about the different types of feminism and how it had changed over time. This is a main point that has been changing everyday throughout history. The purpose of these feminist is to create e gender equality in all aspects of life.

How it relates to our class: In lectures we have discussed animal equality. Kant, and Singer have strong opinions in the area just like Jagger had in Feminism. Animals don’t have certain rights and they deal with animal sufferings and more. Women have been dealing with equal rights for many years but have yet to receive one hundred percent equality in gender. Even animals deal with gender differences. This subject has many key points in relating to Feminism Ethics.

1. Do men have more power then women? Why and what
2. Should feminism be something more people should be concerned with?
3. When did women realize that they were living life unfairly?

Rickia Malone
I answered question 1.

In my opinion I believe that men don’t have more power than women. I believe that America has based consumption off of stereotypes that depicts certain attributes that women are suppose to have in order to remain of lower class than males. In old times women were home stricken, who only were allowed to bare children, nowadays women are overshadowing men in education, politics, and even the workforce. The upbringing of women has also allowed women to compete in a male dominated world and receive recognition for their impact.

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