Rights By Bobbie Linen

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Rights are here to guide people’s understanding of what is just. It also helps the government shape the laws and explains what is moral in their eyes. There are a great variety of rights such as: a right to vote, a right to life, a right to strike, and a right to work etc… Everyone is allowed to have rights even children, animals, workers, and the people of the country rights.

There are many different forms of rights; the Hohefeldian which holds the four basic components of rights, privilege, claim, power, and immunity. Theses components were discovered by Wesley Hohfeld.
Privilege- you have the right to pick out your own clothes.
Claims- you have the right to get paid for your work.
Power- within a set of rules we have the right to alter are own not the rights that has been set for us.
Immunities- The right to your own religious thought.

These rights are also categorized in other sections Active and Passive Rights.
Privilege and power rights are “active” these rights can be exercised in many cases.
Example: A mother has the right to set rules for the child which is the active privilege right and she has the right to order the children to clean the house which is the active power.

There are also Negative and Positive Rights
Negative rights are can not interfere in which a positive solution can interfere because it is a good deed one would say. Meaning they do not have the right to harm but they do have the right to seek help.

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In class we use rights to understand which laws are just and which creatures on earth have rights. We used animals for instance to understand which animals have rights and we came to the conclusion that animals are not moral creatures. So we figure if that can’t understand moral concepts than it is ok for humans to kill them, but not torment them.
We basically said that since they have been obedient to us we can kill them with respect meaning not violently and for resources.
3 questions
1. Define Rights
2. Are humans entitled to rights
3. What animals are not entitled to rights

Answer 2: I feel every human is entitled to unalienable rights, as we call them. with saying that i feel, if anyone wants to take away someone else's rights or privileges, such as murdering them, their rights should be taken away, as we do. Since humans are at or near the top of the food chain we give ourselves the right to have rights, since there is no other being that is above us. —-nicholas Vincent

Answer 3: I believe to an extent all animals should have some rights, but i believe for instance dogs, cats, and other house pets should have more rights and the others not as much.Jordan Smith

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