Tattoo Draft

Dear Sir/Madam,

You want to get a nose ring, but you are concerned if that would be appropriate for you to do as a public employee. If I were you, I'd probably be hoping to be told, "Go ahead, do whatever you want; it's your body." And it is. However, if you want to get a tattoo or nose ring, you need to take into account the situations you will be in. Is this modification to your body going to threaten the safety of you or anyone in any way? For example, an EMT would not want to be wearing torn jeans because of the risk of them catching the rips on something while they are on the job. Or, a fireman might not want to wear a nose ring because of the dangerous situations he would be put in, and the risk of getting it caught or burning his nose.

You also have to look at public perception. How would you percieve someone if they were trying to help you and their body was covered in tattoos? That's how the public might see you. Luckily, the general public's opinion on such matters is different now than it used to be. If you are going to be helping more elderly people, it might not be such a wise option because their opinions would be very different than someone from an a younger generation. It would also be a good idea to look at your boss's opinion on such piercings and tattoos. If he/she does not like them, then it probably would not be a smart idea to get one. I would suggest asking your boss to be sure that getting a tatoo/piercing would not have any negative repercussions.

So really, the decision whether or not to get a nose piercing really comes down to you. If you look at everyone you will be encountering and weigh their opinions. The choice ultimately is still yours, but just keep in mind the effects what you do will have on the people around you and on your proffesionalism.

Ethics Class

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